Pastor Jon Needham

Lead Pastor of Preaching, Teaching, & Vision

Jon Needham is the lead pastor and founding pastor of Coram Deo Church. He and his wife live in Bremerton with their three kids. He loves spending time with his family and riding motorcycles.

Church Family Leadership

Peter has exhorted us to obey Christ and resist sin. We are to endure suffering while witnessing to the world of the saving power of God...

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Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ

In a sense, each Christian has two lives. The first is the life that they lived pre-conversion. This life was dominated by the desires of the flesh...

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The Apologetic of Love

Unfortunately, many Christians approach the Church with a consumer mentality. Once a local church fails to provide the desired goods, they move on...

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Christ and Marriage

In the previous text, we learned that all authority is given by God and therefore, Christians can and should submit to authority. In this text, the...

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Holy Submission

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ means that He and He alone is Lord. The Father has given Him all authority in heaven and on earth...

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Gospel Identity and Witness

How we live is an expression of what we are. In other words, what we do and how we act flows out of who and what we are. This text is full of...

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Holy Hope

Difficulties and trials can have an intoxicating effect on us. They can lead us to see God and the world through a myopic and self-centered lens...

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Knowing Our Hope

Nothing challenges our faith like the ongoing experience of “various trials” (1 Peter 1:6). But these trials also present us with great...

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