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Family Discipleship

Family Discipleship Resources - 2/21/21

February 21, 2021
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From the Sermon: Acts 4:1-22

Preacher: Pastor Jon Needham
Scripture: Acts 4:1-22
This week’s sermon was about conflict. What do we do when someone tells us to do something that goes against the Bible? Or what do we do when someone tells us NOT to do something the Bible commands of us? Peter is our example in this Bible passage to always speak about Jesus and the Gospel no matter what our friends, our family, or even the government says. Obedience to God isn’t always easy, and sometimes it causes conflict.

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What’s something that surprised or confused you about this Bible passage? (Look back at your Sermon Notes for help remembering!)
  2. Why were the religious rulers so annoyed by the apostles and what did they order the Apostles not to do?
  3. What might it look like for your family to suffer for the Gospel?
  4. How does God use conflict to teach the world about Jesus?
  5. Look back at what Peter says in vs 19-20. What is the most important job of the Church?
Parent Tip:
· Read the sermon summary together as a family. Build this into your normal routine, perhaps reading together around the table during a meal.
· There are five questions, each with a different theme. You can choose one night a week to go over all five, do a couple questions a few times a week, or discuss one question per day.
· Each question is meant to be a conversation starter. Model for your children how to answer these questions by sharing your own personal insights.  
· Even if your conversations don’t go as planned, don’t be discouraged. ALL time spent talking about and reading God’s word is valuable!
· The more consistent you are in having these discussions, the more fruitful they will be. As this becomes part of your weekly rhythm, your kids will anticipate the questions and listen more attentively at church.

Other Scriptures:

Parent Tip:
Use these additional scriptures as daily reading. These are also a great way to help your children learn to locate passages in the Bible.

Attribute of God:

MYSTERIOUS: We cannot know and understand everything about God because God is beyond our human understanding. God reveals exactly what we need to know of him through his words in the Bible.

Parent Tip:
We focus on a new attribute of God each week to discuss as a family. Use this time to discuss who God is, answer questions the kids might have, and talk about what that week’s attribute means to each person in your family.

Prayer Focus:

COMMUNITY: Pray for those who are homeless or are in need of a job.

Parent Tip:
Each week of the month has its own prayer theme: Church, Family, Community and Repentance. Use these themes to show your children how to pray. It can be helpful to add this to an already existing routine like at bedtime or when you’re in the car together.


Bound For Glory

This world is not my home
I’m here but for a moment
It’s all I’ve ever known  
But this world is not my home
This fight is not my own
These burdens aren’t my future
The empty tomb has shown
I am bound for glory

I am free because I’m bound
I am bound for heaven’s gate
Where my feet will stand on holy ground
I am bound for glory

The saving work is done
Death is not my ending
My God has overcome
I am bound for glory

All my pain, hurt and shame
Gone when Jesus calls my name
Endless joy, endless praise
All when Jesus calls my name

Parent Tip:
Each month we highlight a different song for you to sing together. Singing is an integral part of worship! Singing as a family helps teach the kids how to worship at church, and as they learn more songs, they will be able to participate more on Sunday mornings. You can practice your songs in the car, at the dinner table, when you wake up, or at bedtime! You can also check out our playlist on Spotify and sing along with your favorite worship songs.

Memory Verse:

Joshua 1:9
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Parent Tip:
This is the same memory verse that the whole church is learning and it rotates monthly. Practice reciting it as a family each day at least once. Dinner time is a great opportunity to practice together.

New City Catechism:

Question: What is our only hope in life and death?
That we are not our own but belong to God.

Parent Tip:
We are making our way through the New City Catechism with a new question every month. You can practice catechism questions anytime throughout the day! For the complete list of questions, answers and songs, download the free app “New City Catechism” on your device.

Krysta leads Coram Deo's Kids Ministry, splitting her time between working for the church and being a full-time mom. She and her husband live in Bremerton with their three boys. She loves baking, reading, spending time with friends and family, and listening to heavy metal rock music.

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