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COVID-19 Update

March 12, 2020
preached by
Pastor Brandon Johnston

As the COVID-19 situation continues to progress, the Coram Deo elders have been actively assessing how we will respond together as a church family. As in all things, we are seeking trust in the LORD and His provision for us while simultaneously doing our best to make wise decisions in how we shepherd the people that God has placed in our care.

As the situation will inevitably continue to develop on a day-by-day basis, we will do our best to communicate our plans in timely and clear ways. (If you didn’t see our update last week, check it out. All of these still apply.) 

For this week, here are some new ways that we are responding together:

Sunday Services
We will be gathering at our normal service times this week. If you are sick or part of an at-risk group, (60+, immune-compromised, or pregnant), you may want to consider staying home.

Live Streaming
In an effort to continue to make Lord’s Day Worship available to the greatest number of people possible, we are going to begin live-streaming video from our 10 am services on
our Facebook page. We hope that if you are unable to physically attend, you will consider joining us digitally for worship instead.

To minimize the amount of physical interpersonal contact that is needed from our greeting team on Sunday mornings, we will be temporarily discontinuing our use of print handouts.

Coffee and Doughnuts
Refreshments present a potential contamination risk and for the time being, we will not be providing coffee or doughnuts. If you can’t picture Sunday morning without coffee, we encourage you to stop by your local coffee establishment en route and tip your barista well!

We will be temporarily switching our communion bread back to the gluten-free crackers that we used to use. This is primarily because the current bread requires a high degree of volunteer preparation and physical contact.

We also recognize that during this unique time, some in our body might be uncomfortable receiving the communion elements. As ministers of the gospel, we are convicted that it is our duty to continue to serve the Lord’s Supper, but we support you if you decide to temporarily abstain from participating.

Our kids’ classes will continue as normal for the time being. However, we will not be providing snacks in an effort to limit the spread of germs. We also welcome and encourage you to have your kids to remain with you in the service if you would prefer. (Please see last week’s update for other ways that we are working to keep our kids safe and healthy.)

If you are scheduled to serve and need to opt-out, please alert your ministry leader as soon as possible. 

Online Giving
If you normally prefer to tithe in person on Sundays, please consider giving online through our website or app instead.

Midweek Gatherings and Upcoming Events
There will be no change to our various midweek gatherings or upcoming special events at this time. If we need to cancel or amend our plans, we will do our best to notify the church as quickly as possible, most likely through our Facebook page.

Please continue to remain steadfast in prayer. This is the single biggest way we can respond well in this time and every other.

Thank you for your faithful participation in the Coram Deo family! We love you and we are thankful for you. Please pray for the elders and leaders of our church as we continue to need God’s wisdom while navigating this difficult situation.

In Christ,

Pastor Brandon


Brandon leads Coram Deo's staff, operations, and community ministries. He and his wife live in Bremerton. He loves woodworking and spending time with friends and family.

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