Adam Rodriguez

Adam is a member of Coram Deo Church who serves as a deacon with the music ministry. He lives in Bremerton with his wife Sarrah and their two children. He enjoys reading, writing, listening to podcasts and music, and playing guitar and games.


Why You Should Memorize Scripture

A while back, I read Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. Early in the book, he commends the discipline of memorizing...

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Contentment for However Long

Since November 2017, I've worked in three non-permanent jobs. My first job was slated to last for a year, but only lasted eight months because...

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Learning to Pray in a Pandemic

This season in history has left me thinking a lot. It’s not that I have more time to think. I telework even when we’re not going through a global...

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Technology Can't Replace Reality in Worship

Today, my church, like many other churches around the world, streamed its worship service on Facebook Live. My family and I, also like many other...

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