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Christ: Prophet, Priest, & King — Devotionals & Liturgies

The Suffering Servant

April 9, 2020
preached by
Pastor Aaron Kuhns

Heavenly Father,
The world around us is groaning with sin and death
We are plagued by sin pressing out of us
and suffering pressing in on us
All this tempts us to doubt your goodness
Are these signs we have been forsaken?
O God, renew our minds through the cross of Christ

Rather than abandon us to these struggles, the Son came down
“not to be served but to serve,
and to give His life as a ransom for many”
Your Son did not remain above our strife, distant from our pain
Jesus went off the beaten path to where the sufferers laid
Please open our eyes to your pursuit of struggling sinners

You made clear that, “The Son of Man must
suffer many things...and be killed”
The cross was not an afterthought, a detour, a mistake
It was instrumental to your plan, the center, the crux
He has gone before us into suffering and death and emerged victorious
The light of the cross now shines through our present darkness
If He did not avoid the pain of crucifixion, He will not leave us now
Please help us believe that we do not bear our cross alone

O Christ,
Your trust was betrayed, so that our trust could be firm
Your love was despised, so that we could see love displayed
Your innocence violated, so that we could become innocent
Your purity stained, so that we could be washed clean
Your body destroyed, so that we could become new creations
You were forsaken, so that we would never have to fear abandonment
May we never belittle your death, Son of God

O Holy One, bring us down to the depths of our sin
It truly was our sin that held Him there
O Redeemer, bring us up to the heights of your love
It was for the joy set before Him that He endured the cross
Guide us by your display of perfect love and justice
to deeper trust in You


Aaron leads by counseling members and families of Coram Deo Church. He works full time for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and lives in Bremerton with his wife and four kids. He loves board games, action movies, and dad jokes.


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