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RAISED: $20,951 of $22,000

What is Olabe?

Olabe is a ministry and business that exists to spread the gospel of Christ to unreached people in the Basque country. 

Due to a long history of conflict with the Church from Spanish colonialism, the vast majority of Basque people have closed themselves off from Christ, making this a difficult mission field. 

But in recent years, God has been softening hearts and opening doors. There is a growing desire among the Basque people to know Christ.

Why do they need our help?

This makes Olabe a critical resource, as a business that provides biblical hospitality and a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

At the center of Olabe is a 500-year-old farmhouse being rebuilt by missionaries Joseba Attard and Joanna Matthews. Their goal is to turn this beautiful, ancient building into a rural hostel that will house up to 40 people and serve as a cultural hub. This hub will bring people from all walks of life together to build friendships, thereby opening opportunities to share the gospel.  

But this work is too much for two people. We need your help to complete construction of Olabe. Donate now, to reach the Basque people for Christ.

"The Olabe project is one of a number of opportunities in the Basque country. One that the church has been involved in has been hosting students. Building relationships through life experiences. But the need remains to have Christians on the ground there who can continue and further those opportunities. Host events where students can bring their families and friends. Olabe is a place that provides those opportunities."
—Dirk Walstead, Construction Team Leader

What is Coram Deo’s involvement?

Coram Deo is sending a team of five volunteers to Olabe this fall, to finish the second floor of the building. This team will install a series of 32-foot beams as well as planking that will become the floorboards for the second story. 

Leading the team is Coram Deo member Dirk Walstead. Dirk has 19 years of experience in construction management and he and his wife Jill are passionate about reaching the Basque people for Christ. 

Dirk and the other volunteers are giving of their time and money to make this project happen. They’re forfeiting more than a week of income by taking time off of work for this mission trip, but they feel called by God to do so. And Coram Deo is committed to helping these brave missionaries however we can.

Support the Coram Deo team by making a gift today

Your tax-deductible donation will help cover the costs for the Coram Deo team’s airfare, lodging, and construction materials, as well as remedial income for the volunteers who will miss paychecks while on this trip. The total need is $22,000.

Construction Materials

This project will require 35 beams (each 32 feet long) to support the second floor of the farmhouse, planks for the new floor, mortar, and other materials.

Travel & Lodging

The volunteers will fly from SeaTac to Spain and work for nine days before returning home.

Remedial Income

As construction workers, going on this trip means not making money at home. Let’s help these volunteers make up for that loss.

Will you join in supporting this team of missionaries and their families by making a financial gift today?

Your gift today will help complete the second floor of Olabe and bring this ministry a huge step closer to achieving its goal of reaching the Basque people for Christ. Thank you for your generosity!