2021 Advent: Devotionals & Liturgies

It’s Christmas, and everything is changing because everything has changed. Decorations are coming out of hibernation and being placed all around our homes. Special meals and treats are being prepared and enjoyed, probably more than our doctors would approve. Houses are being decorated with lights, and Christmas trees are shining through our wet windows. Our homes, cars, shopping centers, and earbuds are becoming heralds of Jesus’ birth as we hear the carols of Christmas. Christmas is truly inescapable. Even Starbucks is telling the story of Jesus’ birth!

This Christmas at Coram Deo Church, we will be examining some of the most beloved Christmas carols, tracing their lyrics back to their biblical foundations. Our hope is that as we consider the biblical origins of these carols, our hearts and minds would be stirred to worship with a renewed awe and understanding of what God has done. 

In this guide, you will find eight short devotionals. Four of them follow the Sunday sermon series, connecting Christmas carols with biblical texts, and four of them are midweek devotionals, intended to help us understand who Jesus is and why Christmas is so important. There are prayers and liturgies along the way to guide us in reflection and worship. All of these are written by members and elders of Coram Deo Church. It is our hope and desire that as we reflect upon the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we would be filled with the great hope that only Christ can provide. 

Finally, I would like to invite you to one of our Christmas Eve candlelight services. In many ways, this is the climax of the Christmas season and celebration. We gather in darkness to remember the story of God’s light entering this world. Our time consists of singing traditional Christmas carols, a short homily, and the lighting of candles. I would love for you to join us for this simple, joy-filled celebration. 

Remember, it’s Christmas, and everything is changing because everything has changed.

Merry Christmas!

Jon Needham,
Lead Pastor
Coram Deo Chuch

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