2020 Advent: Devotionals & Liturgies

Advent is a time of looking back to remember, savor, and celebrate the birth of Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Each year, we set aside the four weeks leading up to Christmas to uniquely focus on Jesus’ birth, his first Advent. This year, we will be exploring the four themes of Advent: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. Each Sunday leading up to Christmas, at our worship services we will look at one of these themes through the lens of Scripture. We have provided this devotional as a supplemental resource to go along with each of the four sermons.

Additionally, we have provided four mid-week devotionals that trace the theme and narrative of Christmas anticipation through the Old Testament from Genesis to Micah. Without the broader context of Old Testament promise and expectation, Christmas cannot be fully understood or appreciated. We also have provided a Christmas morning prayer to help set our hearts on Christ as we enter into and enjoy our Christmas Day celebrations.

Lastly, you will find a number of liturgical prayers that have been written to stir our hearts and to direct our affections towards Christ during this season. All of these resources have been created by the elders, staff, and members of Coram Deo Church. It is our desire that they would be a blessing and source of joy and inspiration for you during this Christmas season.

And finally, I would like to invite you to attend one of our Christmas Eve Candlelight services. These services are simple, warm, and consist of singing traditional Christmas songs, scripture readings, a short homily, and of course, the lighting of candles. It is one of my favorite services of the year and I would love to have you join us! May God’s grace and favor shine upon you during this Advent season.

Merry Christmas!

Jon Needham,
Lead Pastor
Coram Deo Chuch

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